Sonshine Singers
We are dedicated to providing, through contemporary sacred anthems, a “music ministry” revealing the power of God’s love and grace so freely given to us all. We thank Him for the opportunity to share our blessings through the talents He has given us and we dedicate our singing to His honor and glory!

We traditionally have two to three ministries of some type each year….consequently since this is our 15th (now 16th) year in ministry we have had over 45 engagements plus State Fair appearances; Iowa State Capitol appearances; as well as many ministries through-out the state of Iowa….probably over the 15 years totaling at least 80 venues.

Sonshine Singers was founded in the summer of 1999, actually the brainstorm of members of the audience at a Fort Dodge Civic Glee Club performance. I had directed that organization for 3 year s from 1996 through 1998, and, as I was greeting the audience following the show, people kept saying, “Your sacred music segment is so strong, have you ever thought of performing sacred music only?” Well, quite honestly, when it was first presented to me following the 1996 performance, I thought, “How could the Ft. Dodge Glee Club change its format from a variety show to a sacred ministry?” and I pretty much dismissed the idea.

However, again after the 1997 performance, I had similar requests only now there were more of them. Because I had directed the Trinity Singers, a choir from Trinity United Methodist church, since the fall of 1992, I had a very strong commitment to the “sacred music ministry” and consequently, after the Glee Club show in November of 1998, I decided to resign as director, take a leap of faith, and pursue this new concept!