Soldier Creek Winery

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We are proud to provide our visitors with exquisite wines produced onsite from locally-grown, hand-harvested grapes.

Our family-owned operation strives to foster education and enthusiasm for wine in a fun and welcoming environment.

Our Family
After an unfortunate hog barn fire in 2002, the Secor family reflected on the business and began deciding how to move forward. In 2005, Bill and Rob, the father-son corn and soybean farming duo attended seminars pertaining to beginning vineyards because of interest generated through Rob’s horticultural degree at Iowa State University.

In 2007, the now-cleared location of the barn fire became bustling with work as the family planted the 6.5 acre vineyard on their Iowa farm. Bill and Rob selected 9 varieties known to live through Iowa’s harsh winters. The family members and their willing friends erected the trellis system and planted the vines.

Once the winery construction began in 2012, there was no turning back. Although it wasn’t Bill and his wife Tammi’s original intention, the operation uncovered an unexpected benefit: the entire family relocated back to the Fort Dodge area. All children and their spouses reunited at the farm to develop careers in the winery and vineyard.

Our Vineyard
Our 6.5 acres estate vineyard was planted in 2007 along Soldier Creek in Webster County, on the site of an unfortunate barn fire.

Our varietal wines are made primarily from estate-grown grapes. We strive to craft the best product for our guests, and have chosen grape varieties that thrive in our climate. We have 9 French-American hybrid varieties, including 5 reds: Frontenac, St. Croix, Geneva Red, Maréchal Foch, and Marquette; and 4 whites: Frontenac Gris, La Crescent, St. Pepin, and Brianna.

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