Philosophy & Values

The arts should be accessible to everyone
Creativity fuels life and enriches a community
Appreciation of art is nurtured by exposure and education
The arts are key economic and social drivers for our community
Art contributes to community image and civic pride
Creative expression takes diverse forms
A legacy of art is critical for future generations

Access - We are inclusive, open and embrace diverse ideas, art forms and communities.
Advocacy - We champion the arts and artists in our community.
Collaboration - We are committed to working with others to bring together artists, patrons and communities. Partnerships lead to great accomplishments.
Creativity - We encourage freedom of expression, innovation and imagination.
Fun - It’s everywhere and a by-product of what we do. We pride ourselves on being an engaging and enthusiastic organization.
Professionalism - We pride ourselves on operating our organization with the highest level of excellence, integrity and responsiveness.