I’m very lucky. I’ve been in and around the arts my whole life. Honestly, I cannot even begin to imagine not having the arts in my life. It is completely unimaginable. Throughout the years, I have studied arts subjects in school, even through post-graduate studies. Now that I am very firmly settled in the “Arts World” for my employment, I have the luxury of retrospect. I can look back over the years and evaluate just how my exposure to the arts from a very early age not only shaped my life, but benefited my life in many ways.
When I moved back to Fort Dodge from almost a decade of living in Las Vegas, many of my friends, several of whom work in the arts, were convinced I was leaving one of the most important "Art's Scenes" in the United States to go to a cultural desert. They were all wrong. I find more pleasure, creativity, inventiveness, motivation, and focus here. This supposed cultural desert and local community is where my love of art began, and here is where it is continuing to blossom. 
To me Art satisfies that inherent need in us all to connect; to be moved in a deep and meaningful way by something special that cannot always be put into words. This community is happier, healthier, safer, and stronger with an arts scene. Therefore, I am proud to be a part of Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association. 
- Rochelle Green Owner of Green Door Photography