Cana Lifetree Cafe

A creative space where: life and faith come together; your passion meets the community's needs; and where miracles happen!

Cana is a Christ-centered ministry to enhance the community of Fort Dodge and the surrounding area. At Cana, in a cafe'-like setting, you are challenged to find the "cause within you" and seek out ways to fill that need wherever God has placed you. Cana is a God-Space
When the curtains are open, the coffee is on and encouragement and conversation with new friends is waiting for you. 
Contact Barb Huisman @ (515) 571-9773
MEDITATION is every Monday morning from 10am-1130am. A quiet time to meditate, journal, and share your experience with others.
LIFETREE CAFE' is an hour-long experience packed with interesting stories, fascinating people, and lively conversation that will feed your soul. The main entr'ee at Lifetree Cafe' is food for thought. Come and experience Lifetree Cafe' Tuesdays at 12noon, and 7:00pm. It is the talk of the town! 
Contact: Joyce Garton-Natte (515)-574-9938
PIECEWORKS is dedicated to attaining "peace by piece" and is a creative work space for healing through the arts. As a non-profit organization Pieceworks will be a space where the community is nurtured and imagination will be explored, with opportunities for social enterprise. When a person enters Pieceworks, they will find spiritual and creative peace. 
Contact Kris Christensen (515) 408-0357

Contact Us:
(515) 302-8036
18 S 3rd St Fort Dodge, Iowa